Sweet Wine

Quentus 17

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  • Wine style

    Sweet wine
  • Appellation

    Lavaux - Appellation d’origine contrôlée
  • White grape variety

    Riesling-Sylvaner (Müller Thurgau), Chardonnay
  • Cultivation

    Integrated production, terraced vineyards
  • Harvest

    Manual, between end-September and mid-October
  • Fermentation

    Low temperature, long and controlled
  • Elevage

  • Alcohol (ABV)

    13.0 %
  • Serving temperature

    8° à 10°
  • Keeps

    2 to 5 years

At the cellar

Cryoextraction is a process by which the must is concentrated by being frozen. The grapes are pressed while still frozen at -10°C to extract the most concentrated juices. This process produces a must with a very high concentration of sugars that the yeasts are unable to completely transform into alcohol. The sugar that is left is known as residual sugar.

Once pressed, the wine undergoes a slow fermentation in barrels for several months. The wine is kept for over a year before bottling.


Its subtle aroma is reminiscent of ripe grapes and honey and reveals well-developed notes of apricot and flowers. In the mouth this wine has a velvety feel. Aromas of lemon balm and fresh fruits blend harmoniously with the sweetness, expressed with a long finish.


- Strong cheese such as Roquefort
- Foie gras
- Chocolate desserts and sweet course dishes

Did you know ?

The name Quentus is a reference to the birth of Grégoire and Carla Dubois’ son, Quentin, in 2001, the same year as the first vintage.

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Quentus 17

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